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“I always appreciate the time that couples have taken in writing a review on my services, I thank you all,  they are always received with much gratitude”

Below are reviews from some of the happy couples I have had the pleasure of assisting in the past.


The Wedding Guy















Summer 2018


“We both have experience running events and wanted a very bespoke, small-scale wedding celebrating intimacy with a dash of Victorian style. Stephen was excited to help and offered sterling advice, being an invaluable sounding board for ideas and details as well as offering many excellent ideas and references to providers. Our guests were delighted with the calm, professional and personable way in which Stephen orchestrated proceedings during the day and we thoroughly enjoyed our wedding day without having to worry about logistics and timings. Stephen is a flawless event manager with a warm and friendly personality. We couldn’t recommend his services enough to any couple who want to ensure they and their guests have a happy, stress-free day.”

Jo & Martine


Summer 2017

“Having spent a lot of time not getting anywhere with our wedding planning efforts we were advised to call Stephen by a friend and after a quick call things were swiftly back on track. He guided us through the process and left us feeling relieved and confident in the run up to our big day. The day itself was a joy and we cannot express how much of an asset Stephen was. We would recommend to anyone to assist the services of Stephen as a wedding planner especially if they feel like they don’t need one; he helped make the day the amazing success it was. We have beautiful memories for life.””

Jackie & Sean


August 2015


I love organising and planning, so getting to plan my wedding was a very exciting prospect. However I quickly realised that everyone needs a helping hand. Stephens help was indispensable. In the planning stage, Stephen recommended some great suppliers, and helped with the timing and running order of the day. In the run to the day he was on hand to answer last minute questions and reduce a brides stress levels. On the day I felt I could relax knowing that everything would run smoothly. If I could say I have any regret it was not getting Stephen to help more!

Aine & Martin, Dublin, Ireland.

December 2015


“Planning our wedding from the other side of the world was proving quite stressful. Sourcing goods and services is not easy when emails are not answered and phone calls not returned. But from the moment Stephen came on board we knew we were in good hands. With his vast network of contacts and suppliers, he was able to source exactly what we were looking for.
When we finally met with Stephen in Dublin, his desire to make our day “special” was quite obvious. He made it his business to familiarise himself with every aspect of the event, including those we had already confirmed. He was happy to make suggestions to improve on our plans, but never once forced his opinion on us.
His work on the days leading up to the wedding and on the day itself, meant we were able to enjoy every moment worry free. His attention to detail was impeccable – from setting up the room for the ceremony to overseeing the decor for the reception – he stopped at nothing to turn our wedding ideas into reality. His gracious and engaging personality was appreciated by the hotel staff and our guests alike.
Although we already had a lot of the planning done when he came onboard, in hindsight, it would have been so much easier and less stressful if we had worked with Stephan from the start. We would have no hesitation in recommending The Wedding Guy to any couple who want the perfect wedding day. Thank you Stephen for helping to make our special day truly memorable!”

Ronan & Anthony, Miami, Florida, USA

August 2014


I cannot recommend the Wedding Guy highly enough! I have recently been married and yes it was an amazing day largely due to the Wedding Guy.

I started off with a plan, to take everything in my stride, not to get stressed out, one step at a time…… My plan started well but I soon realised that organising a wedding is quite an overwhelming experience. it can take over your life, I needed help!

That help came from Stephen he came in and saved the day. He thought of the littlest things that I would’ve never thought of and knew how to get them most importantly. He was extremely professional, efficient and great fun.  He was full of ideas but never enforced those upon us, he has many many contacts which came in most useful.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen to any other bride who is feeling a little overwhelmed by everything and my only regret was that I didn’t hire him from the start.

Kathleen & Terry, Dublin




“We were very happy to have Stephen take charge of what was quite a complex wedding set up. He and his team solved problems before they happened and made it all appear seamless. He made the whole thing work and it made such a difference to have a true professional at the helm. We would love to work with him again.”

Sarah and David,  Dublin


APRIL 2014

Ed and I got married in our almost-completed house last year, only six weeks after my father died suddenly. Never the most organized couple, we were in total disarray. Luckily, Stephen Sheridan was on hand for the big day.

It was a complicated affair; involving shifting 80-odd guests from one suburban garden to another and then back again within an hour, without them feeling like they were being hurried or shunted out of the way. Ours is a small garden and the seating for the ceremony had to be cleared and rearranged for the lunch while guests were served drinks and canapés in the next-door neighbours’ garden.

It’s hard to describe Stephen’s skill (part of the magic is that it’s invisible) but he somehow made the day flow effortlessly. To say that he made the day run like clockwork is too mechanical a simile, his is an art, not simply a science. He reminded us of P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves, knowing, as if by telepathy, the very thing that was wanted at a given moment. With his easy, approachable manner and consummate professionalism, the best testimonial we can give is that Stephen was like having a member of the family constantly on hand, with the added advantage of not actually being a member of the family.”

Mary Ann Bolger and Ed Monzon, Dublin.


Summer 2014

“We were blessed to have been introduced to Stephen who helped us stroll through our celebrations with sound advice and a sure footing, we felt totally confident that everything was going to go the way we wanted. We were not sure originally if we needed a ‘helper’ but looking back we were so grateful we did and were also lucky enough to have someone who was a pure joy to deal with.  We are both very busy with our work commitments and having Stephen on board saved us lots of time, stress, probably fighting and was financially a great idea.”

Brigid & Michael, Dublin