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Welcome to 2019

A Happy new year to you all & congratulations to all those newly engaged. There are limited spaces available for booking my wedding planning services for the remainder of the year. contact through and to see what some of

The Wedding Guy in review! Welcome to the wedding diaries; Jenny & Kyle August 2018

Some of the most valued & cherished Wedding traditions; their origins & development through the years

I had a lot of fun researching this, I hope you enjoy! I got a few laughs as well.

Spotted this today

Naked red velvet wedding cake, one of my favourites so far 

Happy Valenties Day ❤

Inspiring wedding ideas for 2017

Working in the ever changing and evolving wedding industry, I find myself wanting to stay on the pulse of what’s new! I’m always working with couples eager on what not-to-do for next year’s wedding!. I always try and encourage couples to be creative and different

Happy New Year & upcoming posts

Here’s wishing all my family, friends and all of you a very happy 2017. I hope it’s good to all those I love. I have had an extremely busy season and hence the lack of recent updates but rest assured

First Hand Advice On Entertaining Younger Guests At Your Celebrations

Some invaluable advice from The Wedding Guy.

For the girls; 10 top tips for putting together your own bridal emergency day wedding kit.

Every bride will need one and while there are many decent varieties available to buy  pre packaged, the best option is to put together one that suits your own day and requirements best. The Wedding Guy suggests putting a little

Plugged or unplugged? The social media wedding issue

Have you invited social media to your wedding or are you adamant on an outright ban?? Some interesting statistics here and Do’s & Don’ts of using social media at wedding celebrations.