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Preparing for those continental summer weddings! The wedding guy’s top tips for summer weddings abroad

Its that time of the year again and many of you will be thinking ahead for the weddings you have been invited to; especially those which are being held abroad in sunnier and warmer climates.  So here are my top tips to help you on your way and make those weddings days in the heat even more enjoyable.

Travel Insurance 

Always a must even when travelling within the EU.  The best way to go about this as a European citizen is to apply for an E111 form, which can be done on line. HERE

I would also highly recommend some form of personal travel insurance, there are many insurance companies specialising in holiday insurance such as  Insure & Go  I have always felt well covered by them by having some form of travel insurance.


Everyone’s favourite & as Irish people we are somehow plagued with these little pests! They love the rich blood from northern Europe.  However there are ways to avoid the bites and the scratching! I have recently discovered that besides the usual advise of garlic etc in your diet! That the taking vitamin B1 (Thiamin) for at least 2-3 weeks before you travel will ward off these little buggers. Apparently whatever this vitamin gives into your blood stream repels their love for our blood and avoids us having to consume and smell of garlic for weeks before we travel!

TOP TIP: Don’t waste your time bringing expensive perfume! Rich sweet smells are like a beacon for mosquitos & midgets. Leave them at home as the rich nature of expensive perfumes only attracts mosquitos! I never bring my “smells” on holidays.

Apparently applying mosquito repellent to just small areas on your ankles wrists and under the ear lobes acts far more effectively than spraying it all over!

Sun protection: Always buy before you fly, whether you pack it in your checked luggage or buy in the airport; do NOT arrive sans creams! You just don’t know where the first chance you will have to buy it when you arrive especially if the venue you’re going to may be some distance from the nearest shops; this also goes for all other provisions.

First day & wedding day clothes:

In case of the nightmare of a bag going astray while en-route; and believe me it happens a lot.  I always recommend to bring enough clothes for your first day in your carry on, this should include swim & sun wear.

Savvy people will also consider packing their dress/clothes for the wedding day as well in case it takes a few days for lost luggage to be reunited with their owners especially in the busy summer season.

The Tan Factor: 

Most people like to have that healthy glow when they arrive on sunnier shores but there are a couple of things to consider before you go bronze all over.

Most fake tans especially in the heat and the end result can look anything but pretty and leave you feeling stressed which will take away from your relaxing.  I have witnessed many times the tan collecting on the edges of dresses and sometimes coming through the fabric in extreme heat scenarios; even being left on seats where people were sitting during meals. It is a personal choice but I would highly recommend to ditch the fake & spray tans. Remember you still need to apply sun factor over fake tans which can lead to a feeling of overheating and general discomfort.

Google Maps:

You can download a map of the area you are visiting on a google maps app and use it while offline. This is invaluable while travelling and downloading before you go saves expensive roaming charges. However don’t download it until you are within two weeks from departure as the app automatically deletes downloaded maps after 30 days.

TOP TIP: wherever you are staying, upon arrival grab a few business cards and put into your wallet of purse for those times when you are out for dinner or drinks and need to get a taxi home. Just hand card to driver and off you go without having to explain in your worst local lingo where you need to go!

My list of what not to forget to pack:

Besides the normal holiday attire here are a few useful items worth including in your luggage list.

  1. A vanity mirror as if you are sharing a room mirror space may be at a premium so something of a decent size which you can slip into your luggage.
  2. Travel adaptors, check which plug type you need for the country you are visiting and bring a couple if you’re bringing items like hair straighteners as well as phone chargers.  It may be worthwhile to invest in a universal travel adaptor! I recently heard from a friend who travelled to Italy for a wedding last summer that in their room were two types of wall sockets.
  3. Paracatemol & Dialoryite for sore heads in the heat.
  4. Cash might sound like common sense but don’t expect everywhere on the continent to accept debit cards as readily as places here in Ireland do.
  5. Sun hats/caps for sightseeing and spending time outdoors are a must.