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Social Media Tips for your big day !!

There has been a lot of chat and publications recently (online) regarding social media etiquette in relation to weddings and emerging problems for brides and grooms with guests posting pictures during the big day. While not a problem for some it is for many!!
With the summer season drawing to a close, it’s been interesting to see how various brides have dealt with their fears regarding photos being published online via sites such as Instagram Facebook & Twitter.

One bride told me that she was apprehensive as a few years earlier a close relations’ day was nearly ruined when a friend who was at the house published a photo of her on Facebook, in her dress before she left for the church. Her fiancée who still hadn’t left for the church (and was on his phone browsing congrat messages on Facebook) was called to not go on Facebook until the offending picture was removed.

It wouldn’t do to see the dress before turning around at the top of the church!! In fairness a lot of the thought process in choosing the “right” dress involves that special moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time in the dress.

So; How can this be curtailed? To be honest ‘the friend’ should have known better but in the excitement people don’t always think of all the implications!

There are ways around this, if you are bothered, some brides don’t want photos of themselves posted online even during the big day. The best example of how to deal with this I experienced this year and which I would recommend to everyone . It is easy to set up and does not come across as you being too ‘precious’, and this idea came from the brides Brother in law!!!

The evening before from her phone she set up a group on what’s app with all her contacts who were going to the wedding (takes a few minutes, so delegate). All the participants were encouraged to take photos on their mobiles and submit them to the group instead of posting them to their timelines!!! And it worked, the bride got an amazing selection of photos from nearly all of her guests and from every different aspect of the day; before the ceremony, during dinner and after for the dancing and party. It facilitated the seemingly endless need to document participation online while keeping all the pictures private for the bride, groom and her family and friends attending.