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Inspiring wedding ideas for 2017

Working in the ever changing and evolving wedding industry, I find myself wanting to stay on the pulse of what’s new! I’m always working with couples eager on what not-to-do for next year’s wedding!.

I always try and encourage couples to be creative and different but in a way that reflects themselves and not to go for something that is simply not their style or which does not suit their personalities.

Always remember its all about your day and building it in a way that you are going to relax into and enjoy, you are making memories for your future and if you are having a beautiful fun day then there is no doubt your guests will also.

So this is what I would love to see in the world of weddings for 2017!


Whether it’s your favourite late night food in the form of a food truck or speciality cocktails for your arrival reception there are quite a few ways to put your own mark on your celebration. There are the areas where you can dare to be a little more creative and have your guests pleasantly surprised, I mean who doesn’t like a treat of real cut chips and jumbo sausages straight from the chip van at 1am after a long day celebrating and dancing.

2. Be creative with your food menu

Formal sit down or buffet; there are always ways to mix it up and keep your guests entertained. How about a 50/50 drop on starters, antipasti platters and a his & hers dessert option. Talk to your planner, caterer or hotel and get the ball rolling on ways in which to add a little drama to your reception meal.

3. Value Vintage

There are a wealth of vendors out there who specialise in vintage and retro couture and ideas for dressing yourself and your venue.

I have created many fantastic themed events with very litttle extra cost by just being imaginative. Again, remember to think outside the box.

4. Banquet style is still very much still “in” 

I love long banquet style tables and dressed well can work in almost any venue. If this is something you think would suit your celebration then don’t be afraid to embrace it and go further than the traditional round table.


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