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Ella & her sisters christmas wedding story!

So here I am in Heathrow and I am just off a flight from Dublin where I happened to be sitting beside a lovely young Irish girl on her way to New Zealand. Ella, from Kilkeel in Co. Down stared to tell me about her sisters Christmas wedding and interestingly enough it brought up a subject that I have recently researched over the holiday season with a view to writing this very piece!

The topic of this is based on whether or not most families decide to curb their Christmas festivities when there is a family wedding happening.

Ella told me that they did do this and opted not to spend on Christmas gifts, yea they had Christmas dinner etc but made the wedding day the main focus with which to celebrate the holiday together as a family.

Interestingly I got the same response from two couples I contacted and asked them if they made their Christmas wedding the focus of the holidays. All four families decided to make the wedding the day of their Christmas celebration and enjoyed a much more tamed down Christmas Day, they all agreed that this made Christmas less stressful!

I also suspect that this was because all and any stress experienced was directed to the wedding planning and upcoming nuptials and Christmas might have been a welcome break from this.

I also realised that the sample population for this survey is incredibly small and I would be interested in hearing other couples views and experiences on this subject.

Ella left me rushing off to T4 to try and catch her flight to Kuala Lumpar with only an bour to spare as we were a bit delayed in Dublin due to traffic volume in London. Where ever you are Ella I hope you made your flight and safe journey on your New Zealand adventure.




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