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For the girls; 10 top tips for putting together your own bridal emergency day wedding kit.

Every bride will need one and while there are many decent varieties available to buy  pre packaged, the best option is to put together one that suits your own day and requirements best.


The Wedding Guy suggests putting a little bit of time and thought into this small but vital requirement for your big day. 

Here are some items you should not overlook

1. The Bag.

This bag of ‘tricks’ will be carried by your maid of honour during the day so make sure it’s an appropriate size so all these little items will fit in and so that it can be easily stashed in a clutch or small bag.  Remember to keep this bag of tricks in your wedding car until you get to your reception (you will want it after the ceremony) then delegate responsibility to your maid of honour or wedding coordinator.

2. Hair Clips

Have a couple of clips stashed in your bag ready to keep your well thought out hair do looking perfectly in place.  Ask your hairdresser on the morning of, for a few to slip into your kit bag.

3. Safety Pins and Sewing Kit.

I can’t count how many times these little bad boys have come into play during the big day when I’ve ended up on a few occasions in bathrooms with brides and a safety pin or two in play. Your dress will come under immense pressure during your wedding day and having these as back up is invaluable for a broken strap, tiny rip of for that piece of lace or silk that comes undone.  Also get your hands on one of those little hotel room size sewing kits.

4. Nail varnish

Just a small bottle in the same shade you’re wearing or a clear variety will be enough to do some quick nail touch-ups if required.  Chances are you won’t but it’s good to have for the ‘what if’s’

5.  Plasters and foot plasters.

Your new shoes are beautiful,  however there will come a time when your feet will start to hurt and even if you have a pair of comfy’s for later on in the night chances are you will just not want to get out of ‘those’ shoes.

6. Mouth freshener

Breath freshener is the optimum here, all chemists carry a range of sprays, the best and most effective is Mint Fresh Breath Mouth Spray.
Today you will definitely be doing lots of kissing so you might as well make sure it’s minty fresh! Forget mints, you wont want to look like your chewing gum.

7.  Wipes

Available from all good pharmacies, great for wiping hands and smudges and they come in nice small pocket sizes too.

8.  Pocket Tissues & eye drops

All about the tears.  No Descriptive required here………

9. Make Up Mirror & make up essentials.

You will want to check your make up on numerous occasions like when you get to the church before you exit the car and after on your way to the reception. Top Tip; a make up setting spray, there are a few really good varieties out there.

10. Paracetamol
No matter how under control you will be there will be a certain amount of stress involved.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is a headache, even if you don’t use them on the day chances are you’ll need them the morning after, or someone else will!!!!

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