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The definitive guide on how to dress for that beach, pool or outdoor wedding celebration

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I am delighted to welcome guest blogger Russ Skydon from one of my favourite parts of the world; California. For those of you planning a wedding abroad and wishing to have your ceremony outdoors, Russ has kindly shared with some essential fashion tips on what to wear for these occasions.

Russ Skydon is the co-founder of Wedding Tropics beach Wedding Attire. While growing up amid the southern Californian beach and surfer scene, he was always very interested in the fashion side of this amazing lifestyle. Shortly after his marriage on a beach he realized that his real passion and path is to design and set fashion trends and from that point on wedding tropics came to life.


What to Wear to a Beach Wedding
Worried about what you should wear for your dream wedding at the beach? It’s time to ditch the big dress and the high heels, as these can inhibit your movement. And you wouldn’t want to look overdressed for your own wedding, would you? Think lightweight for the bride and casual for the groom when putting together the perfect beach wedding attire. Here are a few style tips for a beach wedding.

Bridal wear

No matter where you have your wedding, finding a dress that fits your body type is what matters the most. For example, women with hourglass figures can pull off almost any style of wedding dress – from mermaid dresses to tight-fitting skirts. However, the same dresses wouldn’t be too flattering if you have a fuller figure or a V-shaped body. Instead, empire waistlines and A-line dresses can be perfect for creating balance. V-necks and cinched waists are also a good option for women with this body shape.

Pear-shaped women could pull off halter necks or off-shoulder wedding dresses with some detail on the bodice. This detailed bodice is ideal for drawing attention to your upper body, but you should stay away from sheath gowns and pleats.


Groom’s wear

A beach wedding is the perfect event for a groom to dress comfortably and rock linen pants with deck shoes. A crisp tailored shirt will go well with every look and you could add a summer blazer to add a classy appeal. While ditching the blazer could create a simpler look, wearing the shirt with the collar open is also a good idea.

You could replace the linen pants with a pair of well-tailored shorts for a chic summer look. You can try pinstripe shorts and a neon bowtie for a more fun look and maybe even a hat to complete the look.

There are a number of ways to play around with your look and create the perfect beach wedding look. The main rule is to stay true to the beach theme and pick out your accessories according to that theme. Find out more ideas from below beach wedding infographic before you get your beach wedding outfit together.


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