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The unplugged wedding ceremony; the story continues

This has been getting quite a lot of media attention; so here goes..



Recently a New Zealand photographer had quite a rant over guests getting in his way whilst trying to do his job at a wedding ceremony when the groom had a hard time trying to catch a glimpse of his bride to be walking up the aisle. The problem was the amount of guests stepping out in front to get their own photographs with mobile phones & iPad’s.

I have touched on this subject before on previous blogs and to be honest I am a fan of unplugged wedding ceremonies.

Personally I like to enjoy the moment and not from behind a phone. The photographer has been hired to capture the moments and the couple in question obviously would like the moment captured beautifully and professionally. Professional photographers have quite a stressful job and the pressure is on to capture the right moments for the couple so trying to dodge guests with their own devices is very tiring.

I do advise couples to ask guests to turn off all devices including cameras during their ceremonies and afterwards when the celebrating begins snap away; these are the fun photos the newly marrieds really want to see, as in reality they miss a lot of the fun with their family and friends during the reception.

There are app’s available for this where guests can upload and I have seen them being suggested by couples but are not completely successful a lot of the time.

So in the interest of public opinion I recently ran a poll with my twitter followers and asked this question. “Would you have an unplugged wedding ceremony”?

24% indicated they would prefer mobile cameras on and..

76% are in favour of mobile cameras and devices off during the ceremony.

Thus if you agree and want a mobile free ceremony I have a couple of suggestions!

  • Indicate on the invites that you would prefer all phones, iPad’s and cameras to be turned off and left away for the duration of the ceremony.
  • Ask the Solemniser at the beginning of the ceremony to remind guests of this
  • Have a very polite signage in full view at the entrance to the ceremony area reminding guests of ‘Your’ request.

If you don’t mind this occurring and are happy for guests to snap away then enjoy the photos.

But by all accounts just enjoy the day you have been planning for and don’t let anything stress you out.