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The Diary; June – August

So what a few busy months and some great occasions and fun to boot!!

It was a summer of beautiful and individually spectacular wedding occasions, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed being part of.  During this time I’ve met and worked with some fabulous new suppliers in some amazing wedding locations.  However what has mostly made these occasions particularly special were the couples themselves, their individuality and what I take away personally in terms of learning and creativity.

I thoroughly enjoy every occasion and how much friends and family always get involved in the lead up to the celebration and enjoy being involved in each unique event.

I’m always taken aback at the wealth of talent from suppliers which may I say we are very lucky to have access to for such a relatively small nation.  My premium suppliers list is growing slowly but organically and that is the way I envisaged this service progressing; being able to work with premium people and be personally confident in recommending these to those planning to take the plunge and start the process of planning their celebration. Whether it be a large or intimate occasion, there are professionals out there to suit all tastes and budgets and I feel very lucky to have connected with many of them on a professional level.

In terms of venues, I have complied a list of those with certain attributes in relation to their hospitality and ability to work with each clients requirements. There are some whom I would thoroughly recommend and some which sadly do not seem to have the ability to be flexible to accommodate the intricate nature of each unique occasion.

The nature of the hospitality industry is the ability to work with everyone and be flexible and accommodating to the needs of those planning the biggest day or weekend of their lives.

A wedding is a milestone in the start of a chapter of a future life together for people who have made the commitment and want to share it with their family and friends.  There is nothing more important in my view of how a venue treats this occasion and those who have been asked to provide their services in order to make this happen.

Some have made the cut, and sadly some have not.!

I am always happy to advise those planning their celebration if they have a venue in mind and are unsure if it will suit their requirements.

As always for any advice required.

For those of you who got married this summer, I hope you are enjoying either honeymoon and memories, and I am looking forward to the busy autumn celebrations I have the pleasure of being involved in.

This diary will be updated on a monthly basis.

The most important thing is to make the right decision for yourselves and be confident in what you are planning.




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