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The Wedding Diaries; meet Erin & Paul

I recently received these beautiful photos from Gerard O Donnell photography, one of my favourite photographers at the moment with a natural gift for capturing wonderful wedding memories. What a beautiful couple & stunning setting.

Gerard describes the day below in his own words.


“Erin & Paul were wed on the 25th July 2015 in Spanish Point. Erin and Paul hired me as their photographer after seeing my website, they were especially taken with my Landscape photography and my Liberties Inked Exhibition photographs. After our first meeting and discussing the style of photographs they wanted, we all discovered we were massive Game of Thrones fans so they told me they some how wanted this reflected in their photographs.

As you can see from Erins glow she 6 months pregnant in these photos,but that didnt stop her trecking through an old ruin and braving the harsh winds that animated her beautiful dress. My favourite thing about these pictures isnt the stunning setting or the flowing fabric of the dress, its how natural the couple were and how much fun we all had on the day.

They just sat and chatted while they were being photographed and there was very little positioning or directing from my part.

They had a humanist ceremony that involvedĀ a sand ritual. Sand from both their favourite beaches were mixed into one vessle symbolising they were now as inseperable as the sandgrains mixed in that vessle .”