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Check out this weeks top wedding tip; the WedPics app

Good news today for all you brides & grooms who may be concerned about unflattering pictures of yourself appearing on social media sites even before your big day is over.


There now seems to be a solution in the form of an app that may help curb the problem; the WedPics app.

I recommend downloading and familiarising yourself with this app because it’s a solution to the problem of coping with people posting pictures of your wedding on Social media before you even see them yourself. As I have said before it is not a problem for some but is is a concern for many.




So if you’re getting married this year and haven’t yet checked out WedPics in the app store-it’s time. You can create your own user ID-customized for your wedding, you can also add info that will benefit your guests, and you can share right from the app to whatever social media platform you love!


It has a Lots of features and your guests can even order prints directly from the app. It really is one of my new favourite and very beneficial apps for brides, grooms & their families and guests this year. People will enjoy posting their pictures to your album but you get to choose which ones get to Facebook & twitter.


Top Tip: Try to make your hashtags match your WedPics ID.


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