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Some of the Wedding details not all your guests may notice.

As a couple, bride or groom planning your wedding celebration, it is important to many that every detail is perfect. However there are some areas where this can be relaxed as honestly most of your guests won’t either notice, remember or appreciate the hard work that goes into them in the end.


1. The Open Bar Toast

Forget about it, it’s a huge waste of money for you when this money can be used elsewhere in the budgeting for essentials. Trends are going for prosecco toasts. Remember this can be livened up by adding a quality fruit purée like white peach for that perfect Bellini.

Many people are today opting to have their speeches either before dinner or spacing them out with one between each course which works really well, in this instance the wine provided with dinner is perfect for the necessary toasting.

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2. Wedding Favours

Edible wedding favours always a winner.

Edible wedding favours always a winner.

Unless you can eat them, no one really cares about receiving with your names or photo on it. Think about it: if you received this at someone else’s wedding, what would you do with it when you got home? More than likely the staff will end up binning the ones left behind at the end of the night and all your hard work and money is out the window.  Stick with chocolates if you want to offer something as a gift to your guests. Sweet trolleys are becoming very popular and I have also worked with a chocolate fountain while fun is very, very messy…

3. Luxury Linens and Speciality China

I have seen a trend recently for speciality linens and crockery to match wedding themes and colours.

While beautiful and sometimes can work, by the time all the crockery, glasses and arrangements go in the table they are mostly covered and go unnoticed. This huge expense is further added to by the cost of replacing what will definitely be either broken or chipped by busy catering staff.  This will happen and linens will get soiled with red wine etc.. Remember most venues and caterers use a type of crockery for a purpose, that which food looks good on and for its durability.

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4. Name Place Cards

I can’t count how many times I have seen guests coming into the wedding hall to see who they are put sitting beside and change not only their own name cards but others so they can sit (or not) beside who they want to. Place names are a constant worry for couples and your hard work and effort (and cost) can be best put to other use.

My advice, make a table plan, have free seating on the tables and let your guests sit where they like, people will move around anyway so leave them to it.

5.  Exotic Table centre pieces.

Work with what your venue has on offer, most quality venues will have candelabra pieces or similar for the tables, work with your florist,  planner/coordinator on how to embellish these to look super on the day and save yourself a packet. There are many inexpensive ways to make a table centre look amazing.

6. Excess Printing

Check with your venue what they offer in terms of the menu cards and table plans for the wedding tables before setting off to spend big money on extra printing. Also ask them what additions you can make to these if you want something a little more bespoke on the day.

Have you any other Suggestions or ideas on this topic? I would love to hear your thoughts or comments which can be submitted below.


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