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Some top tips to help prevent wedding planning stress outs


Getting married will create anxiety, there is no sugar coating here. However there are some simple and effective ways in which to minimise this and to ensure that in gaining a partner, husband or wife you don’t end up losing those other relationships which may have been carefully cultivated over the years; your friends and close important family members

So here are a few top tips to help keep you and everyone around you sane and actually looking forward to what is a celebration of life and love…

1. Trust your instincts.

Remember this is going to be a day for both partners so go with what you want, what you really want and not what others expect from you and the traditions that may come with those expectations.

2, Make a plan & communicate

Simply; make a plan, talk to each other, be clear and specific about what you want.  Be aware that this plan will change many many times but go with it and enjoy the experience of putting together what will probably be the biggest party of your life.

3. Gather a few close confidences

A small close knit group of confidences including someone who has gone through it before and who you trust impeccably.  Also someone who is a good leader (if not yourself).  Be wary of including very close family members into this group.  Also be aware that some may try and organise the wedding that they never had themselves or that which they would have wanted.

A close group  also gives you more confidence about your decisions and also stops you from blabbing to absolutely anyone who will listen about your plans, as this usually leads to people running away from you and avoiding you in work and socially.

4. Research and trust your suppliers

We all know that word of mouth is invaluable when it comes to procuring quality suppliers.  However we all know and love certain suppliers. talk to them and see what you can do together. Certain establishments will provide lists of recommended suppliers but be aware that you are under no compliment to use them.  If you have a caterer whose food you love and trust and you really want to use them, you can insist that your venue  allow you to use them.

5. Everything is fixable

Do not panic, things will not always go the way you want to but remember there is always a solution.

6. Take a break

Take many breaks, have a few tech free days, turn off the phone, even better go for a pampering day.

7. Don’t put off till tomorrow what can be done today.

if you’re unsure about anything make that call, don’t mull it over with the what if’s!! Everyone you’ve hired is there for you, enjoy what they’re doing and want to do thier best for you.

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Your wedding is about love. About commitment. About marrying your soul mate. You are getting married! Focus on that, don’t sweat the small stuff.

9. Meet a consultant to go over your plans

A genuine reassurance from a dedicated professional will put you at ease and in many cases can actually help you save time and be financially beneficial.

10. Get help

If you’re completely lost on 1-8, hire the services of a wedding consultant/planner (like myself) remembering that there are many different packages available to suit all budgets and styles of weddings.  A dedicated professional with years of planning and executing beautiful celebrations will have invaluable experience and insightful ideas which you might never have thought of.

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