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La dolce vita! Niamh & Tomais Rome 2018

There are moments in life which are so perfect and amazing that to be honest words do not do justice. So I will leave it here and share with you some pictures from one of the most incredible weddings ever!

The bold & the beautiful from Mullingar & Cavan gathered in a stunning location in the hills outside Rome for a wedding celebration that will be remembered for a long time.


Welcome to the idyllic wedding of Niamh & Tomas; Rome 2018.

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Preparing for those continental summer weddings! The wedding guy’s top tips for summer weddings abroad

Its that time of the year again and many of you will be thinking ahead for the weddings you have been invited to; especially those which are being held abroad in sunnier and warmer climates.  So here are my top tips to help you on your way and make those weddings days in the heat even more enjoyable.

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Always your bridemaids! The Do’s & Donts!

Its apparent that many ladies will be asked to be a bridesmaid on numerous occasions before actually walking up the aisle as a bride themselves.

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The Wedding Speeches ‘unveiled’; tradition and keeping it short & sweet







Did You Know?
That in times gone by, sharing a drink was a way to show trust. The term ‘toast’ originated from the piece of bread placed in a cup of wine to absorb the sediment that settled at the bottom. The cup would be passed around and the “toast” became the prize of whoever reached it first.

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